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Monday, July 09, 2012

I'm Back!!!

     It's been almost a year now since my last post. Forgotten a few things on how to and everything haha. Eh kasi naman mukhang there has been some changes over blogger, meron nga ba? hehe. At eto pa, sa sobrang tagal ko nang na di nagbukas ng blog ko i forgotten even my password nyikes! so ayun, had to fix it pa. Since June 2011 kasi I resigned from work na so i could look after my little boy, by the way he's a Grade 1 student now and that is whats keeping me busy then. Dakilang yaya, longkatoots, fetcher, cook, labandera, at lahat lahat na hehe. Honestly pati pag i-internet kinatamaran ko na. Toinks mag explain daw ba hehe.
   Well anyways I'm back now and guess i'll be posting more often now...i hope hehe. Hay, I miss blogging, i miss reading others blogs, and i miss the comments and all. Miss you all guys! Mwuahugs to all. 

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  1. Ano ba yan Ate, kakasabi mo pa lang that you will be posting more often tapos bigla ka na namang nawala, September na! Hahaha...


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